2016 Wetaskiwin Air Show Visitor Fly-In

We welcome you to fly-in for the Wetaskiwin Air Show on Wednesday July 20, 2016.

Fly-In Traffic:
All private aircraft fly-in pilots are encouraged to check NOTAM’s prior to arrival and departure CEX3. The air space within 5 ~ 7 NM of Wetaskiwin will be closed during the air show, (approximately 1800 to 2130 local time). To avoid ground congestion, disrupting the air show, and potentially violating the restricted airspace, all fly-in traffic should plan to arrive well prior to 1700 local. The Show Boss may be monitoring frequency 123.50 for a period of time in advance of the Air Show. Otherwise, normal ATF procedures apply.

Aircraft Parking:
Once you have arrived at Wetaskiwin for the show, you should exit the runway to the west, at taxiway “Charlie” or via the temporary grass taxiway marked with orange cones directly across from taxiway “Bravo”. You will be marshalled to the fly-in event parking area in the grass on the west-side of the runway. The area is moderately rough and is used at pilot’s discretion and risk. Tie-downs are not provided.

The airport Terminal and adjacent main apron on the east-side of the runway is not available for parking from 1200 to 2130 local time on both July 19 and July 20 (show day). Consult NOTAM for updates. There are no hard surfaces or hangers available for Air Show visitor parking. Following the Air Show, a limited number of grass tie-downs will be available just west of the Terminal. The main apron by the terminal will also be open immediately following the Air Show.

If fuel is required during your visit to the Air Show, we ask that you park first and enjoy the show. Once the show has ended the main apron will re-open and you can taxi from west-to-east across the runway to the self-serve fuel pumps located near the Terminal.

The fly-in event parking area is directly adjacent the Reynolds-Alberta Museum & Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame. Your aircraft will be secure behind a fence, with one pedestrian access/exit point for pilots and passengers where tickets or admissions to the Air Show will be collected. We encourage you to purchase your tickets on-line (click here) prior to July 19th 1800 local time. Otherwise, cash-only will also be accepted at the gate. For tickets information, please click here.

Aircraft Access During the Show:
Access to your aircraft at the fly-in event parking area during the air show will be restricted due to security and performance set-back requirements. Please take everything that you might need with you once you park. After the last performer has landed, you will be granted access to you aircraft.

Departing Wetaskiwin:
Departures will be permitted immediately following the final performance, at approximately 2130 local time. Use normal ATF communication procedures to confirm the Show Boss has relinquished the restricted airspace.

Check NOTAMs for updated information. If you require further event information, please refer to our website at www.wetaskiwinairshow.ca or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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