Check out this cool video featuring some of the performers that were at the 2016 Wetaskiwin Air Show.

806 IMG0019 1Canadian Forces Snowbirds

The Snowbirds Demonstration Team (431 Squadron) is a Canadian icon comprised of serving members of the Canadian Forces. Serving as Canadian ambassadors, the Snowbirds demonstrate the high level of professionalism, teamwork, excellence, discipline and dedication inherent in the women and men of the Air Force and the Canadian Forces. The Tutors flown by the Snowbirds have highly-tuned engines with a distinctive roar. When you hear it you know that the celebrated CT-114 Tutor is passing overhead. 

2016 Theme - 75th Anniversary of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
In 2016 the Canadian Forces Snowbirds will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP), the joint air crew training program launched by Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand during World War Two. The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and its contribution to the Second World War air effort and the Allied victory was an important chapter in Canada's history, leaving a legacy in our communities for generations to come.


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Captain Kean will wow audiences around North America during the 2016 air show season, flying the specially painted CF18 Hornet commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Pan-Canadian effort to train aircrew for the Second World through the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. The specially painted CF18 Hornet will feature a unique commemorative paint job designed by design director, Jim Belliveau, at 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta.

2016 Theme – Training for Victory:
75th Anniversary of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) and its contribution to the Second World War air effort and the Allied victory was an important chapter in Canada's history.  The agreement for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) was signed in late 1939 and the program ran until 1945.  By the end of the Second World War, the training plan had produced 131,553 aircrew, including pilots, wireless operators, air gunners, and navigators for the Air Forces of Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

skyhawksCanadian Forces SkyHawks

The SkyHawks, is Canada's only military parachute demonstration team. Each year they perform events across North America and around the world thrilling audiences with their aerobatic parachute formations in the sky. Having performed to over 75 million spectators worldwide the team is proud to once again fly their signature Canadian flag parachutes this season, bringing their parachutes in close proximity to build formations in the sky, the team puts on a spectacular show. Performing these aerobatic parachute formations requires a high level of skill and courage; and is known as Canopy Relative Work. 

Supported by the Canadian Army, the SkyHawks are based out of Trenton, Ontario, at the Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre.

Watson Brothers - Yellow ThunderTwo Ship2 1

David trained for his pilot’s licence in the last Fleet Canuck in the Edmonton Flying Club fleet (C-FEOH) in 1985.  David has flown Harvard’s since 1985.  His current plane the Harvard Mk4 that was bought from his father in 2009.

Drew purchased his first airplane, a Fleet Canuck, in 2000 and obtained his private pilot license in his airplane in 2002.  After purchasing his Harvard in 2006 Drew furthered his career in aviation by obtaining his Commercial Pilot License, in his Harvard, in 2008. 


Stefan Trischuklow res edmonton 3 1

Stefan has impressed air show audiences across Western Canada and the Northern US with his exciting aerobatic routines. 

Stefan's childhood dream was to experience flight.  He built his own hang glider at age 12 after only seeing a picture of one in a magazine. Stefan earned his Ultralight Pilot License at age 19 and soon upgraded to a private pilot license in order to fly aerobatics.  The goal of being a career air show pilot has led Stefan to dedicate his entire adult life to perfecting this art. 

Stefan has experience in several types of high performance aerobatic biplanes and modern composite Monoplanes as well as multi-engine and tailwheel aircraft. Stefan currently holds a Commercial Pilot License as well as a Statement of Aerobatic Competency for doing Public Aerobatic Performances.


Dan Buchanan - Hang Gliderwing over shadow

In Memoriam

Dan Buchanan, long-time friend and performer within the aviation family, died June 2, 2018 while performing in an air show.

Dan was a New York & Connecticut home builder and flat-track motorcycle racer; then moved to Lake Tahoe, CA where he enjoyed the thrill of flying off mountain tops. He was getting his Private Pilot License when in 1981, he had a spinal injury landing a hang glider in bad weather that he shouldn't have even been flying in. Losing his ability to walk, he returned to college to pursue a career in mechanical engineering, landing him in Silicon Valley, CA.

Despite this new handicap, Dan returned to the thrill of flying within six months, and since then his tenacity and adventurous spirit allowed him to accrue more than 2,900 hours of flight time in Hang Gliders and Sailplanes.

Dan performed at the Wetaskiwin Air Show many times and we are deeply saddened that we will not witness his magic anymore.

Bruce Evans memoriam


Bruce Evans - Firefly Aviation

In Memoriam

Bruce Evans, long-time friend and performer within the aviation family, died July17th while performing in his beloved T-28 Trojan at the Cold Lake Air Show.  Bruce was scheduled to perform at the Wetaskiwin Air Show on Wednesday, July 20th.  
We mourn the loss of our friend and air show performer.  Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.



Kent Pietschsmoke on 2
Pietsch fell in love with flying when he was four years-old. Five decades later, his passion has not waned. Since 1973, Kent has performed his incredible aerobatic routines for millions of people at more than 400 shows.

While most aerobatic performers have one basic program, Kent can perform a number of exciting aerobatic acts for air show spectators. Flying his 800-pound Interstate Cadet with a 37-foot wingspan and a horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine, his plane can generate 90 horsepower and a G-force ranging from -3 to +5.

etaskiwin fans will be mesmerized as they watch Kent perform his dead-stick (turning the engine off) routine from 6,000 feet above. When Kent is at the controls of his plane, it is impossible to take your eyes of the action.

70th Anniversary of the Chipmunk
DSC 3837

May 13, 2016 marked the 70th Anniversary of the 1st flight of the Chipmunk.  The de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk is a tandem, two-seat, single-engine primary trainer aircraft which was the standard primary trainer for the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Air Force and several other air forces through much of the post-Second World War years.  The de Havilland Chipmunk was the first postwar aviation project of de Havilland Canada.  Today, over 500 DHC-1 Chipmunk airframes remain airworthy with more being rebuilt every year.  Byron Reynolds of Wetaskiwin will do several fly-by's for our show in honour of the 70th Anniversary of the Chipmunk.

Jerzy Strzyz in the airJerzy Strzyz
Jerzy was born in Poland where he started flying as a teenager at a local flying club.  He competes in aerobatics at Advanced and Unlimited levels and holds a title of Canadian unlimited National Champion, unchallenged since 2004.  He represented Canada as a member of the National Team at the World Aerobatic Championship in both Advanced and Unlimited categories.

Jerzy flies a very dynamic aerobatic performance in his Sukhoi Su-26.   Powered by 9 cylinders, geared and supercharged, the M14PF raduak ebgube gas 400 horse power and a large composite MT propeller.  The Sukhoi 26 is one of the most accomplished aerobatic airplanes ever made.

Watch as Jerzy completes his routine of gyroscopic tumbles, torque rolls, tail slides, vertical inside/outside eight and other high energy aerobatic manoeuvers.





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